Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Choochy & Cheeks Easter Egg Hunt - Pak N Play Style

Ethan (aka Choochy or Scooter) and Alia (aka Cheeks or Snoots) celebrated Easter with an egg hunt in the Pak N Play. The good news is, the family nicknames keep getting better. The bad news is, we are running out of babies. I have already made my contribution so I am counting on my brothers and cousins to bring something to the table next year. And by something I mean a baby. Not a dog.

Obviously these two loved the egg hunt and can't wait to join the big kids next year.
Ready. Set. Go!

First step: get the basket!
Second step: fill it

This is Eggcellent!

Man Down! Man Down!
Get your own bunny bag, Scooter

Snoots means business. I need a new strategy.

Time Out. I need my own basket!

Enough with the pictures, we've got eggs to find.

Did I win?!?

Did I win?!?
More Easter pictures to come!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Officially A Big Boy

He's 3 years old. He has a big boy haircut.

Tightening the edger blade. Typical 3 year old work around here.

He thinks these are police man glasses like Uncle Miah's. They aren't. I'm not telling him though.

For his birthday breakfast he requested a waffle with peanut butter and raisins and fruit. But don't call it fruit salad. He likes multiple fruits at once, just not referred to as a fruit salad. When I put this plate in front of him he said, "OOoohh Mommy this is so fancy for my special birthday."

More to come on this little big guys birthday party... And speaking of parties, I have another one to plan because this one is almost ONE! Better get to work.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

We are celebrating by having cupcakes for dinner and loving on these little guys!

"Hey Brother, if we close our eyes maybe she will give up and let us go inside"

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Carmel - No Kids Allowed!

Yayyyyyyyyy for adult weekends! Yayyyy for fun friends who invited us to Carmel. And yayyyy for YaYa who watched our babies while we were gone. We are so blessed.

Cameron and I had a fantastic weekend with Joey and Traci in the most adorable apartment in the center of downtown Carmel. We walked everywhere, ate deliciously amazing food and did something we never could have done with all our 5 kids... We stopped at every point on 17 mile drive. There are 21 and I'm sure you want nothing more than to relive our weekend and see the pictures. We started our day with breakfast at Katy's then got in the car to look at homes we would later have dreams about. It was a perfect afternoon.

Mistake #1 - letting old man running by take our picture (he offered)
Mistake #2 - not taking an in focus picture once he ran away

Self timer with the camera on a tree stump. Maybe the old guy wasn't so bad after all.

Joe pointing at Point Joe. That's funny.

holding rocks, being Chinese

By this point the boys had enough of our shenanigans but Traci and I weren't giving up. We had 10 more stops to go. There was light a cocktail at the end of the tunnel.
In order to keep the boys quiet we did a few on the move through the window.

There was also a little competitive rock stacking going on during our stops...

And this is real....
There were people sitting out on one of the 14 balconies and they waved to us as we snapped this picture.

This kid is living the dream.

As if that wasn't enough, here is the fillet and lobster I ordered at Mission Ranch. The picture just doesn't do it justice and the garlic bread was worth every calorie!

Thank you Joey & Traci for a memorable weekend. Hopefully we can do this at least annually.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Playground Manners & Behavior

I totally understand my kid is not even 3 yet and I may not be to keen on playground manners and behavior. Moms out there, feel free to give me your thoughts in the comments section. I want to hear how you feel about this subject.

Picture this... It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon, our picnic is packed for the park, we didn't forget the old bread for the ducks, camera is in the bag and we are on our way.

 What a great day. Almost as wholesome as the Waltons, right?
 Smiles all around for a fun family day.
 Nice stroll through the park.
 Oh, let's try this slide. I'll just climb up right here....

Then... BAM!!!  Some huge 12 year old comes stomping her way up the ladder and STEPS on Collin's hand. OMG!! Did this really happen and I totally caught her in the act with my big mom camera.
OK NOW... This is where you stop and think for a minute (I'm getting better at this part as I get older)

What I wanted to say to her: "Hey, you just stepped on my kids hand with your dirty knock off Uggs and you are too old to be cutting in front of a 2 year old. Where is your Mother and your manners?!?"

What I really said to her: "Honey, can you please watch where you are going, you are standing on my sons hand. Thank you!"

I'm sure it is not all her fault. I blame her parents. Please teach your kids some playground manners. Ugh!

What are you supposed to do when this happens? Do you ignore it? Had she been younger I would have. Why are the parents never present to correct their kids behavior? Does this frustrate any other moms or is it just me?