Friday, January 22, 2010


Whole Grain, to be exact. Collin loves em'.I think I'll take this one. He loves them almost enough to put down his paci... but not quite!
Collin has something he would like to say to those of you who don't like cheerios...
The timing was just right for that photo. Sorry, I had to do it!

Rainbows Make Me Smile

Rainbows make me smile. After an emotional few weeks, it was nice to see this rainbow from my backyard yesterday. God is good!

After sharing the exciting news with family and friends that Collin was going to be a big brother, we had to break the news that it just wasn't our time. I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks, shortly after my first doctor's appointment. Having a wonderful husband, an absolutely adorable son and amazing family and friends has helped to ease the sadness. God wasn't ready for me to share my time with another precious baby just quite yet. Mainly because this little man still needs me.

He's such a little man he fits in Daddy's lunch box.