Monday, January 30, 2012

Playground Manners & Behavior

I totally understand my kid is not even 3 yet and I may not be to keen on playground manners and behavior. Moms out there, feel free to give me your thoughts in the comments section. I want to hear how you feel about this subject.

Picture this... It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon, our picnic is packed for the park, we didn't forget the old bread for the ducks, camera is in the bag and we are on our way.

 What a great day. Almost as wholesome as the Waltons, right?
 Smiles all around for a fun family day.
 Nice stroll through the park.
 Oh, let's try this slide. I'll just climb up right here....

Then... BAM!!!  Some huge 12 year old comes stomping her way up the ladder and STEPS on Collin's hand. OMG!! Did this really happen and I totally caught her in the act with my big mom camera.
OK NOW... This is where you stop and think for a minute (I'm getting better at this part as I get older)

What I wanted to say to her: "Hey, you just stepped on my kids hand with your dirty knock off Uggs and you are too old to be cutting in front of a 2 year old. Where is your Mother and your manners?!?"

What I really said to her: "Honey, can you please watch where you are going, you are standing on my sons hand. Thank you!"

I'm sure it is not all her fault. I blame her parents. Please teach your kids some playground manners. Ugh!

What are you supposed to do when this happens? Do you ignore it? Had she been younger I would have. Why are the parents never present to correct their kids behavior? Does this frustrate any other moms or is it just me?