Thursday, July 14, 2011

4th of JULY

Cameron and I are blessed to share the same family tradition for the 4th of July. We both grew up celebrating in Cayucos.  It is so fun to watch our kids make the same memories we have as children.  We spent 5 days with Cameron's family and then when Cameron went back to work the boys and I stayed with my parents.  Unfortunately Collin got sick so we had to leave 2 days early.  The weather was perfect the whole time we were there!  We did all the traditional must do's like the parade and fish tacos at Duckies.  We had a great time and can't wait for next year.  Here are some pictures of the festivities and previous years celebrating in Cayucos.
July 2011

July 2010

July 2009

Collin's First 4th of July

Ethan's First 4th of July
Thankfully Ethan is very long! I didn't think that 9 month onesie was going to fit him like it did.  Collin had the chunk and Ethan has the length.

Loving his first parade

Some of the Nelson's

Grandma JoJo & Ethan

Collin better watch out!  There is a new boyfriend in town for Helen.
Brian, Collin & Rocco watching the parade
We got to meet Baby Garrett!

Little Flirt

Giggles with Grandpa

See... His heart belongs to Mommy!

Love this!

Catching a ride with Daddy

Our walks at the beach used to be stumbles to the tavern...
Now we are pushing 2 kids around. 
Oh how the times have changed!

Hunter, Rachel, Ethan & Collin


Digging for treasures
Beach Day
Bath Time!

I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July!

Swim Lessons & Cousins

Collin finished 15 swim lessons with Jan Thomas Swim School this summer.  He loved his "coach" Becky and he can't wait to go back next year.  He wears his gold medal around the house and tells us all about being a "champion swimmer."  Almost every day since the last lesson Collin wants to watch his swim dvd!  He will climb up onto the bar stool and open the dvd slot on the laptop to get it started. Ha!     
Becky & Collin

Thumbs Up!

June 2011

May 2010

After Collin's last swim lesson we had a fun filled afternoon at my Aunt Susan's house.  My cousin Tyler's wife Kerstin was in town with their kids Kaitlyn (6 weeks younger than Collin) and Baby Dylan (4 weeks older than Ethan).  My sister-in-law Ashley also came with my niece Maddi (almost 5) and nephew Brody (18 months).  It was great to get all the cousins together!  They swam and played so well together and then we enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by Aunt Susan.  Fresh fruit and pb&j squares for the kids and tuna sandwiches for the moms.

Brody, Collin, Ethan, Kaitlyn, Dylan & Maddi

Enjoying lunch

Swim Time!
I captured Kaitlyn's first time having a popsicle...
And the verdict is...

She'll keep it!
Collin on the other hand, took a huge bite of his popsicle and it was too cold so he just spit it out in Aunt Susan's hand and was over the whole thing! 

How cute are these two...

Thanks for having us Aunt Susan!