Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Professing My Love For Garth Brooks!

2 words... Garth Brooks.  I have been in love with Garth since my sophomore year when I found a cd case full of his amazing music on the ground in the locker room on the last day of school.  Sure, I felt bad not turning it in.  But honestly, I knew it would just sit in the school's office all summer long.  And what a tragedy that would be when I could be enjoying THE DANCE driving around in my ford escort with the windows down singing along... Right?!?  I know every word to every song he has ever sung.  I even have his Christmas music, and I don't even like Christmas music.

Well, I don't think it is a coincidence that Garth is performing in Vegas the same year I celebrate my 30th birthday.  I will obviously have to convince Cameron  that the ridiculous ticket prices are worth every penny to see my fantasy come true of watching him LIVE IN CONCERT.  Don't you agree?  I wanted to marry Garth, or at least have him sing at my wedding.  Since neither of those things happened, his concert would be the next best thing.

Let's hope dreams do come true and I get my 30th birthday wish of a fantastic Vegas weekend full of Garth (and Cameron too)!!!   
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

29 more days!

It is serious count down time around here.  There is so much to be done before the baby comes.  I've been trying to be productive and have 1 on 1 time with Collin before we are a family of 4.  Today was a big day for our little guy!  We went to his first movie at the theater to see:

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I figured since it has been in the theater for a while it wouldn't be too crowded.  I'm glad we went at 11:40 on a Wednesday because we had the whole theater to ourselves!!!  Collin was excited about the popcorn and treats.  He only got out of his chair a few times to run a few chairs down and back.  He really followed the storyline, which was pretty cute.  At the end of the movie he danced to the credits with the gnomes.  84 minutes is quite a long time for a 2 year old to sit still so overall it was a success!  He is getting to be such a big boy.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Zoo

This weather is amazing!  Collin, my dad and I went to the zoo today.  It could not have been more beautiful outside.  I love getting to be a stay at home mom and have fun spontaneous mornings like today.  I'm so thankful for a hard working husband who makes it all possible.  Life is good!  And this little guy is happy...

Yes, it was nice enough for shorts and t-shirts!  

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Party Time!

We celebrated Collin's birthday with a Garbage Truck theme party on Sunday.  Random, I know, but this boy is obsessed with all things garbage.  He waits by the window every Friday morning for the garbage trucks to drive by and dump all the cans.  He yells out "Thank you garbage man for dumping our trash!" every time they pass by.  It is the highlight of his day.  If you ask him when the garbage man comes he smiles and says "Friday!" so it was no surprise when he said he wanted a garbage truck party.  I knew the weather was going to be a little questionable so we had the party indoors at Coney Island Me-N-Eds.  I'm so glad we had it there so someone else could clean up the mess.  Ha!  Being this preggo, I didn't want to spend the following week playing molly maid.

My Mom and my cousin Maura (Mo) frosted 80 cupcakes for this party and I don't have a picture of their amazing work!  It was seriously Cupcake Wars in my kitchen the day before.  I'm hoping my cousin Amie has a picture and if she does, I will post it!

Here are a few pictures from the party.  I was trying to enjoy the night also so I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked.  Maybe next year!
Party time!
Auds, Me, Mo & Deeds
Collin loves these fabulous ladies and the feeling is mutual!
Happy Birthday to ME!

Uncle Gooey & Maddi

Uncle Miah, Collin, Me, Auds & Yaya
Kendall & Joey
Rod, Kasey & Kailey

Grandma JoJo, Collin & Great Grandma Marilyn

Playing in the arcade

Uncle Josh, Davey & Cameron
Bones & Yaya (sisters)
Collin's cousin Ivy playing in the arcade
Jacob & Amie a.k.a. Bofa (my crafty cousin who made the invites)
Auntie Ashley, Brody & Uncle Josh

Slam Dunk!

On Collin's actual birthday (the 24th) we went to John's Incredible Pizza just like last year.  My cousin Lisa babysits a few little boys and Collin has so much fun with them.  I'm so glad they were able to come celebrate with us! 
Collin loved these cars!

I know he looks just like Cameron but there is some resemblance this is my kid, right? Right?!?

Sliding Running down the slide!

Brady cheesin' it up.  Love his smile!

Clay on the cars.

Collin & Yaya

Smackin' the alligators!

Got it!

Later that night Grandpa & Grandma JoJo brought over some presents and delicious mini cupcakes that were gone way too fast!

The nicest shark I've ever seen.  How cute is this towel?!?
Happy Birthday to our little guy!  The next big celebration will be my 30th birthday or a new baby, whichever comes first!