Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Choochy & Cheeks Easter Egg Hunt - Pak N Play Style

Ethan (aka Choochy or Scooter) and Alia (aka Cheeks or Snoots) celebrated Easter with an egg hunt in the Pak N Play. The good news is, the family nicknames keep getting better. The bad news is, we are running out of babies. I have already made my contribution so I am counting on my brothers and cousins to bring something to the table next year. And by something I mean a baby. Not a dog.

Obviously these two loved the egg hunt and can't wait to join the big kids next year.
Ready. Set. Go!

First step: get the basket!
Second step: fill it

This is Eggcellent!

Man Down! Man Down!
Get your own bunny bag, Scooter

Snoots means business. I need a new strategy.

Time Out. I need my own basket!

Enough with the pictures, we've got eggs to find.

Did I win?!?

Did I win?!?
More Easter pictures to come!