Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's a start

Cameron worked very hard this weekend to put together the crib and get the nursery started. We still need to get the jungle theme painted on the walls, hang the window treatment, wash all the bedding, choose a rocker and ottoman.... well, there's a lot more to do but it's a start! Thankfully Cameron knows how to assemble things because this is one complicated crib!

The good news is the dresser and night stand were already assembled.

Friday, December 5, 2008

I think he's pretty cute!

Cameron and I were so excited for the 4D ultrasound. Thankfully our little guy cooperated and we got to take a peek at him! I think he's pretty cute!

He weighs 2 lbs 10 oz. I am 29 weeks... 11 more to go, but whose counting!

I know someone else who is very excited for this baby to arrive, my niece Maddi.

While keeping her overnight a few weeks ago we were laying on the couch before bedtime and the conversation went like this:

Maddi: while shaking my belly - "Wake him up, I want to meet him."

Me: "He can't come out yet, he's still growing. But he can hear you, you can talk to him."

Maddi: looking at my belly "But I want to see him. He's gonna be my best friend! Come out baby boy cousin!"

I put her to bed and first thing the next morning...

Maddi: "Is my baby boy cousin here yet?"

This girl cracks me up. She is so smart and doesn't miss a thing!!