Friday, May 21, 2010

Swim Time

No excuses for lagging on the blog! I will do my best to catch up. Starting with our very own little Michael Phelps. Collin just completed 8 lessons of Mommy and Me classes at Jan Thomas swim school. He loved his first lesson and even clapped for himself when he came up from the water (which was a proud mommy moment, especially since all the other kids were crying). The second lesson he was a little hesitant but did great. He is the "fearless" type and now tries to jump in the pool fully clothed the minute we get there. Thank you to my mom and cousin Lisa for coming to take pictures of our little fish. The swim lessons were birthday presents, which I highly recommend as a wonderful gift! (just a hint for next year)

Collin totally cheered himself on before getting his medal and ribbon. So cute!

Collin didn't really understand why the other kids were crying. He just looked at them like, "Guys, we just got our first gold medal, you should be happy." Although Collin didn't want to wear his medal.

Get this thing off me!
Hanging on real tight.
Action shot
The Justin Bieber hairdo. Ha!
I just love this kid!!!
Time to dry off!

We can't wait for the weather to warm up so Collin can get some practice in the pool.


Izzard Family Blog said...

Jackson and I loved this entry! What a cute idea with the Olympic podium! Soooo cute! We have been doing swim since he was 6 month olds...our little February boys are fish!

Shannon said...

Oh my goodness! That group shot is the cutest thing EVER! I love how they are all crying!! LOVE.IT.