Thursday, September 23, 2010

Labor Day weekend in Santa Cruz

My family and Collin and I spent a week at my Uncle KO and Aunt Elisa's vacation home in Santa Cruz over Labor Day weekend. They are so generous to let us stay there. Cameron wasn't able to come because he had a wedding to attend in Lake Tahoe. We also had a wedding to attend for my cousin Andrew in Monterey. I didn't bring my camera to the wedding but trust me, it was beautiful! I did get some pictures from our 6 days spent in Santa Cruz. The weather was beautiful, the Boardwalk was as fun as I remember. Minus the rides I couldn't go on being pregnant. Collin loved the rides and he is a daredevil like his Mama!  He was 1 inch too short to go on the dragon roller coaster.  I was bummed but we'll get to do it next year.

My parents and I headed up Wednesday.  We beat the holiday traffic and the crowds at the beach, which was so nice!

Yaya and Collin splashing in the waves.

Call me crazy, but I think Collin almost has ankles now.  Can you see them?

When you get this wet, it only means one thing...

Time to strip down to the diaper for a little more fun!
Collin and Maddi riding the boats.
Papa and Collin on the train. Collin still talks about this ride!

Free Willy!

S.S. Corndog.  Hilarious!

Collin was ready to hand over his tickets for the rides.

The train ride, just how I remember it 20 years ago.

I took this right before they told me no flash photography on the ride.

Little Toot.  Who thinks of these names?!?

More beach fun.

He still hasn't learned that sand isn't a very good snack.

Maddi went right into the water fully clothed.  So cute.

Megan and Jeremiah had a great time playing with the kids in the water.

It was a great week filled with yummy boardwalk food, nice long walks and time with family.  Can't wait to go back!


Catherine said...

Cute! Collin looks super tall in those first two pictures!

Shannon said...

Looks like so much fun!! I love the Little Toot :o)

Kevin W. O'Neill said...

Great pics and fun!