Sunday, July 26, 2009

Best Friend

Everyone has that one friend that you love for so many reasons:
*we can talk about anything
*laugh until you cry
*pick up where you left off if you haven't talked in a while
*knows what you are thinking in a crowded room and no words need to be said
*always has a funny story
*we've been friends for 16 years!!!
*inside jokes for days
*craves Zeni Ya as much as me
*loves everything 80's
*addicted to fast food
*scrapbooker (although that was long long ago)
*loves monkeys
*a great dancer
*going to be a great mom, as you see here with Collin:

*the BEST maid of honor a bride could ask for
*always ready for a crazy wild fun night out
HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND! LOVE YA!!! Thanks for always being there. Your the best.

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