Friday, February 25, 2011

Our BABY is 2!!!

So basically, here's what happened. We had this baby, well I had this baby with some help from Cameron. We fell in love with this little bundle immediately.

February 24th 2009

We brought him home and he stole our hearts.

He ate a ton because I love fat babies.

We went to bed and when we woke up, he was 1!

Then we went back to sleep and he turned 2 over night!
 That's about how fast the last 2 years went by!  It feels like just yesterday Collin had this tiny little cry and we were hoping for the sun to come out to cure his jaundice.  Now he is a walking, talking 2 year old.  Why does everything happen so fast?!?

Dear Collin,

You make your dad and I SOOO happy!  You are everything I always wanted and you made my dream of being a mommy come true.  I love all the time we spend together.  You are a great eater and sleeper.  You are very excited to be a big brother, just 46 more days to go!  You love dogs, even though your mean mom will probably never let you have one.  Your favorite part of the day is when dad gets home so you can play with his keys, phone and lunch box.  You always want to ride in daddy's truck.  Playdoh and paint are almost daily activities for us because you love arts and crafts.  You are very friendly and will say "hi, how's it going" to anybody multiple times until they say hi back to you.  Blackberries and pancakes with raisins and peanut butter are on your list of favorite foods.  You are very cuddly and I hope that never changes.  You talk a lot, like multiple words at a time and repeat everything we say.  You know your alphabet and you count to 12, usually forgetting #4.  You love to sing Mary Had a Little Lamb and Rock a Bye Baby.  You know your colors and shapes.  You are obsessed with the garbage man and you even wanted a garbage truck party, which we are having in a few days!  You are fully potty trained and you are very proud of your big boy undies.  You love to read books.  You talk about your grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins almost every day and you love them so much!  You want to go to preschool like your big cousins Hunter and Maddi.  You told dad and I a few weeks ago "I'm growing up" and it is sad but true.  I would like to just freeze this time with you.  We hope you had a wonderful 2nd birthday!  We love you so much and can't wait to see what your future holds!  It is so fun to watch you grow into a little man, I just wish it wasn't happening so fast.

Mom & Dad


KT Woods said...

Happy Birthday Collin!!

Heller Home said...

Happy Birthday Collin, you are adorable, and your mommy is right, you are a kind sweet boy. Annie is jealous of your big boy undies! We can't wait to play with you soon. Stop growing up so fast!