Saturday, December 10, 2011

We Moved!

Life has been a little crazy. The good news is we are alive and well.  The bad news is I have been a terrible blogger.  If you have never moved right before the holidays with 2 little kids and a husband working long days and some out of town... I do not recommend it. 

Things tend to fall between the cracks during hectic times but I did order our Baby/We Moved/Christmas cards and hopefully you will see yours in the mail shortly!  We took family pictures during Thanksgiving with the Nelsons.  If you just can't wait on the USPS here are some pics of the fam. These boys seriously MELT my heart!

This boy has a permanent smile. Not kidding.
More to come on the new home... We are almost finished remodeling the kitchen. Next up, bathrooms!

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Izzard Family Blog said...

yay glad you are back to blogging! love these pix! congratulations on the new home! i think i want two boys for sure now after seeing your happy guys!