Wednesday, August 3, 2011

World Breastfeeding Week

It is a big week for boobs! Seriously though, it is World Breastfeeding Week.  Although I didn't know such a week existed, I do think it is fantastic.  Breastfeeding is a big deal and a huge commitment.  I feel every mom should give it a try.  If in the end it doesn't work out, your baby will be just as happy with formula.

With Collin I was dead set on breastfeeding and I did not want to fail!  Fail is the wrong word but the La Leche League is pretty good at making you feel like the worst mom in America if breastfeeding isn't for you.  I took the fenugreek 3x a day, I pumped after his feedings, I drank gallons of water... but it just was not working out!  This little big guy was hungry and I wasn't cutting it for him.  Aside from starvation my only other option was to give in to the formula.  Which was easy since I love fat babies.  Collin nursed for 4 months before weaning himself because he realized the bottle was much easier for him, and I later realized it was easier for me too.  The 5th month I pumped and pumped only to get 1 feeding every 3 pumps.  I called it quits around that time.  He was happy, healthy and a great sleeper so I knew it was the right decision for us.  He got the antibodies he needed the first few months and that was a comforting thought to me.  When I look back at this picture I can see why he may not have been a fan of the boob... he thought they were eating him!

This is my scared baby and my huge bra... For real!
Ethan has taken to nursing much better than Collin and my hope is to keep it up until he needs cows milk or gets teeth and bites me, whichever comes first.  Ethan is much longer and skinnier than Collin and is satisfied after feedings.  He does get a formula bottle before bed and once I put him down I pump a bottle for the freezer.  This works out well because by the end of the day I don't have enough milk to satisfy him through the night.  The formula allows him to sleep 9-10 hours and allows me time to fill up for his 6 am feeding.  Win, win for all!

To all the Mamas out there breastfeeding or formula feeding, do what is best for your family and you can't lose either way!  Breast milk is free and best for baby, which is always nice.  Formula allows you the freedom to travel to Vegas and not have to explain to TSA who is closely examining your frozen milk in the specified 3oz bags that you are not trying to smuggle bomb making materials on to your plane.  So my point is breastfeeding and formula feeding both have their perks!   
Happy Breastfeeding Week!

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Izzard Family Blog said...

ha ha! I love this post! It is always encouraging to read about BFing. I agree--try it and do it as long as you can...your bra pic is great! I will have to get one of those next time. IDK how this milk machine lasted 18 1/2 months!!! Potty training came shortly after I weaned. LOL!